Descriptor index not valid as 400 software

For now, the only other suggestion i could offer is to use system. Copy and paste it into mssql query analyzer, and be sure the query itself is not the cause of the issue its likely not to be at this point, but its worth a try. The get descriptor statement gets information from an sql descriptor. The calculator plugins, included in the marvin suite, are modules of chemaxons marvin and jchem cheminformatics platforms which calculate chemical properties descriptors from chemical structures.

Select from transactionfile where dept in select dept from userdeptfile where usercode usercode it works fine. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. Air application descriptor manager application descriptor file manager adm is an adobe air application descriptor file manager. I am not expecting you to start rushing just because i wrote something. Instances of the file descriptor class serve as an opaque handle to the underlying machinespecific structure representing an open file, an open socket, or another source or sink of bytes. Billing descriptor, the merchants name that appears on a credit card statement. Salesrep contains an array field called monthquota. Find answers to selecting records by timestamp error descriptor index not valid from the expert community at experts exchange. George kattos jan 26, 2015 i updated my descriptor file and removed the write option from the scope section and a few days later the plugin that was working before this disappeared from jira, looking at the log, i saw that the maintenance service that autoupdates the plugins descriptors was failing to update. Error 721 occurs intermittently with descriptor index not valid sci85120. Nov 16, 2019 provides the software with the location of that entry. I have this problem when i select record from db2 sit on as400. Descriptor software free download descriptor page 3.

Create a project open source software business software top. Microsoftodbc sql server driverinvalid descriptor index myeclipse archived database tools db explorer, hibernate, etc. Na a descriptor code is not applicable for the message. The value specified for the argument parameternumber was greater than the number of parameters in the associated sql statement. Jul 09, 20 hi all, i have a worksheet where i get external data from sql server via ms query. In case you will not find time to look at the issue in the next weeks, you might still want to grab and make a backup of that small zip file i mentioned in my second comment. The server could not process the request because the syntax is not valid. Identical to a device descriptor, with the exception of the vendor id, product id, and device.

May 10, 2011 i dont have any experience with filemaker, so this suggestion may or may not be what you want. Hence as described in the question title, i get the errorjava. Then, further filter that table based on the 2nd criterion. File descriptors were first used in unix, and are used by modern operating systems including linux, macos, and bsd. You can use advanced filter or treat this table as the source for a 2nd sql query again, using ms query. This statement can only be embedded in an application program, sql function, sql procedure, or trigger. One way to see which item is the problem is to add echo statements throughout the file, these will then indicate how far the script is getting before your problem. Invalid descriptor index dm the value specified for the argument parameternumber is less than 1. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you removed a precious file which was still open by a program. You might be reading a column, whose index is invalid, or whose column name doesnt match any of the returned columns in the result set. Running the query for each salesrep against a version of sports2000 migrated to ms sql server. If the primary keys are not specified, then the exception occurs. The parameter marker was part of a nondml statement. Descriptor index not valid stdunbar oct 26, 2005 8.

I am sure github will be around for quite some time and so will the stuff i wrote. In my eplatform method i specify the db2platform since that seems to be the closest. Getting cursor state not valid while executing a stored proc in as400 318689 aug 26, 2002 3. Depending on the interface, there may be an interface descriptor without endpoint descriptors, since endpoint 0 is defined by a device descriptor and not an endpoint descriptor. Php library that decodes a monitors edid string, containing monitor resolution, specs, and more. In computing, a data descriptor is a structure containing information that describes data data descriptors may be used in compilers, as a software structure at run time in languages like ada or pli, or as a hardware structure in some computers such as burroughs large systems. Couldnt fint the rpmnew files either so i just restarted the contentlibrary service servicecontrol stop vmwarecontentlibrary. Its a tool aimed at air application developers who want better control over their applications descriptor xml file by providing them a nice gui to edit the properties and icons of their little child. Filedescriptor works for opening a file having a specific name.

I have added one timestamp column in database for that i modified the cmp as well with the addtion of the new timestamp field. Marvin is a collection of tools for drawing, displaying and characterizing chemical structures, queries, macromolecules and reactions. Hi just adding my two bits as i was having the same problem running vcenter 6. By continuing to use pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the cookies policy. Selecting records by timestamp error descriptor index. Microsoftodbc sql server driverinvalid descriptor index jdbc and relational databases forum at coderanch.

The xml in the event namespace descriptor could not be parsed. Sqlexception invalid descriptor index jdbc and relational. At least one file descriptor exists for every open file on the system. Create a project open source software business software top downloaded projects. Progress kb error invalid descriptor index appears in. The simple resolution is to either fix the query to return the needed column, or fix your code to not read the absent column. Hi everyone, i was using the following bcp command in the past and it was working and today as there was a change in our data file so i end up changing the table.

It is definitely due to the query column and port order in either lookup or squalifier mismatch. Filemaker filemaker invalid descriptor index microsoft. Error 721 occurs intermittently with descriptor index not. It is an executable statement that cannot be dynamically prepared. Descriptor definition of descriptor by the free dictionary. Software update errors and descriptions in microsoft intune. If there is any content present in that file it will first erase all that content and put beginning of process as the first line. Software update errors and descriptions in microsoft. The main practical use for a file descriptor is to create a fileinputstream or fileoutputstream to contain it. Sqldescribeparam function sql server microsoft docs. Short payment descriptor, a compact data format for an easy exchange of a payment information using modern electronic channels.

Note 1 the descriptor code for an ibm health checker for zos check exception message might vary, because the installation can override the descriptor code either using the modify hzsproc command or in the hzsprmxx parmlib member. If multiple tables are specified in the descriptor and the join expression is customized, then the primary keys for all the tables must be specified. This kernel module and application will allow you to link that file back to its file system. The descriptor is identified by a unique nonnegative integer, such as 0, 12, or 567. This wont let you install anyupdates for windows or any drivers, and it al. Microsoftodbc sql server driverinvalid descriptor index.

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