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Soil organic phosphorus transformations in a boreal forest chronosequence. Soil organic phosphorus transformations during pedogenesis. Phosphorus speciation and transformation in longterm. A holistic understanding of p dynamics from soil to plant is necessary for optimizing p. Pdf soil organic phosphorus transformation during ecosystem. Soil science society of america journal abstract soil. The present high fuel load condition of many forests has renewed concerns about the effects of hot fires on soil nutrients and on nonpoint sources of pollution i. Finally, ocp or tcp will slowly dissolve, hydroxyapatite will precipitate. With increasing demand of agricultural production, phosphorus p is receiving more attention as a nonrenewable resource. Changes in soil organic phosphorus due to cultivation. The nitrogen and phosphorous cycle in soils fsa2148 uaex. Then, dcp will dissolve and ocptcp will precipitate. Soil p exists in various chemical forms including inorganic p pi and organic p.

Approximately 30 to 65 percent of total soil phosphorus is in organic forms, which are not plant available. Although total soil phosphorus is generally high, with concentrations ranging from 200 to 6,000 pounds per acre, 80 percent of this phosphorus is immobile and not available for uptake by the plant. Replenishes phosphorus in the soil solution as it is removed by plants and is the main source of phosphorus for crop uptake. Phosphorus p is essential for plants and animals because of its role in vital life processes, such as in photosynthesis in plants and energy transformations in all forms of life. Soil science society of america journal abstract soil phosphorus transformations following forest clearing for pasture in the brazilian amazon. Phosphorus in the soil solution with limited mobility that is available for uptake by plants. Phosphorus transformation response to soil properties. Keywords phosphorus speciation fertilization chemical fractionation xanes introduction phosphorus p, a primary macronutrient for plant growth, has been overapplied to soil in an attempt to sustain higher crop yields in many areas in china bai et al. Soil phosphorus transformations under forest burning and. Department of crop and soil sciences 1 college of agriculture and life sciences. Applications of chemical p fertilizers and manure have improved soil p fertility and crop production, but caused environmental damage in the past decades. Pdf soil organic phosphorus transformations during. Chemistry of phosphorus transformations in soil springerlink.

It also has a significant role in sustaining and building up soil fertility, particularly under intensive systems of agriculture. Pdf background soil organic phosphorus transformation during ecosystem development exerts a crucial influence on soil fertility and ecosystem. Phosphorus basics the phosphorus cycle agronomy fact sheet series. Solution phosphorus by far the smallest of the three pools, usually less than a poundacre. Apply fertilizer dcpd apatite controls p solubility in soil at ph 7. Natural and prescribed fires including site preparation burning are common in pine and mixedpine forests in the southeastern usa. Pdf soil organic phosphorus transformations in a boreal. Transformation of phosphorus pools in an agricultural soil. Phosphorus basics the phosphorus cycle nutrient management. Influences of manure application on the forms and sorptiondesorption characteristics of p in surface 030 cm and subsurface 3060 cm layer of a calcareous soil were investigated in a sixyear field trial in comparison to chemical. Tp, total phosphorus d18op, phosphate oxygen isotope ratios.

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